Applebee’s 2 Stars

Possibly the worst service I’ve had. We had a group of about 10 people and we ordered and the waiter didn’t say anything about these drinks and we could have gotten free drinks and the waiter basically blamed us because we had a big party.. The food isn’t bad but the service just is horrible.

From the Applebee’s at Groton CT.

Purple Sage 4 Stars

Very good service. The food is also very good make sure you get the chips for a starter; they’re really good. I got the chicken fried chicken it was pretty good. This is a really solid restaurant.


434 Main St
Park City, UT 84060
(435) 655-9505



Malee Thai Restaurant 4 Stars

Pretty good food here. The pad thai was AMAZING. I don’t want to sound picky, but they didn’t give us a lime to squeeze on the pad thai. That was a mistake. The masamon was only ok the sauce was just a little plain, and the chicken was actually like bland. If you are in Ridgewood just go to Ridge Thai unless you want pad thai.

Pongsri 4 Stars

The ambiance was really nice… The bathroom not so much. I’m not trying to be picky with this restaurant, but the water wasn’t cold I mean it was a little colder than room temperature not much of a difference. Great service though. We got here at about 11:50 am on a saturday, and there was like no one there. Now about the food.

I got the spring rolls and they were awesome! Then I shared the pad thai, some pork stuff (don’t remember what it’s called), and the masamon. First the pad thai was great but there was no lime on the plate so we asked and they gave it to us. They should have given it to use automaticly. The pork stuff was really american. Yeah that wasn’t that good. Now the masamon was pretty good. This definitely is not the best thai restaurant I’ve been to.